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NJGCOA President's Message

Dear Fellow Golf Course Operators,

As we reflect on the challenging times that we have faced over the past several years, our business models are constantly adapting to respond to an ever-changing environment.

This year our organization has reinvented itself and has reacted to these changing times and demands of the golf industry. We have become more cognizant of the type of approach that is necessary to stabilize the chapter while at the same time trying to grow our membership.  We anticipate that both existing and prospective members will recognize that there is strength in numbers and that a united front will benefit everyone in the association.


The NJGCOA is the only organization of its kind in the state. Our objectives are to provide New Jersey Golf Courses with improved information, unique tools, and the networking needed to be more profitable, efficient, and ultimately more successful. This is evident with our total redesign of the chapter’s website and our commitment to provide more current information to our members.

As your statewide resource, we will continue to improve on communication, purchasing programs, educational seminars, networking opportunities, and further, to aid your business. We have established initiatives in conjunction with partnerships in growing the game, streamlining operations, management of costs, adjustments of property taxes, applications of state sales taxes, preserving water allocations, and much more. Our recent alliance with other golf industry organizations within the state will help us access more information than ever before.

Every golf course in the State of New Jersey must be collectively committed to the health of the industry to achieve overall success. As your peers, we invite you to join us in establishing a stronger more unified voice for our industry. For more information on our association please contact me directly at

Warm Regards,

Dave Wasenda

Board of Directors

President, Dave Wasenda

appliedgolf Management

Vice President, Joel Moore

The Ridge at Back Brook

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